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Re: Groo Computer Game

Squirrel wrote: 

  "Actually the dice thing was a way to cut some of
the costs if I remember
  correctly. I talked to Ken and Lester about it when
they were over here for
  a convention, and we played the marathon groo game
form hell.
  I also played the game when it was just in the beta
test phase, it was hoot
  then also. Although I was not listed as a tester, we
played the game with
  Keith Parkinson, Larry Elmore, me, Dan Fazier (from
magic fame) and the rest
  of the people who put the convention together. It
was a blast. I had to
  leave a bit early, but it was still fun.  "

There are some among us who are software developer. 
Then my suggestion is, why not we develop a 
Groo computer game (maybe as a shareware/freeware) and
it can be used for Groo comic promotion  The 
money from those software selling, after minus the
cost, can be used for  Groop fund where it can be
for Groofest or some gathering events.  It might be
simple, but entertaining.  What do you say Mark?  

(if you want to reply personally, please send it to azamin7@pd.jaring.my)


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