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Groo computer game thing....

Ho Groop!

A couple of thoughts on the Groo computer game thing.

First, a question for Mark! Of the offers you and Sergio have had, why
hasn´t anything materialized?

The game industry today has lots of small development companies working
on games and then getting publishing and distribution deals with the big
software houses like Interplay and Activision. If hypothetically
speaking, we could must enough professional level programming, graphics
sound and design talent through the Groop. We could work closely with
M.E. and Sergio to delevop a game, complete a demonstration of it and
pitch it to some big companies. They are usually happier when developers
come to them and for the most part don´t go around looking. At least
some of the really big ones don´t. They have enough people coming to
them with ideas so they don´t have to!

This project COULD, again hypothetically speaking, be done, but have no
illusions. It would be the BIGGEST groop project to date. As big as all
other Groop projects put together! Maybe even less!

I can think of few people that could be as faithful to Groo as the Groop
working closely with the Groo Crew!