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Re: Groo Computer Game

ME - Do Archangel hold the rights to the Groo Card
Game ? Or do SA, ME etc also hold rights on it ?


--- assorted groopers wrote:
> And if this happens, I volunteer to be a beta
> tester. Please can I? Huh? Huh?
> Can I please?
> > There are some among us who are software
> developer.
> > Then my suggestion is, why not we develop a
> > Groo computer game (maybe as a shareware/freeware)
> and
> > it can be used for Groo comic promotion  The
> > money from those software selling, after minus the
> > cost, can be used for  Groop fund where it can be
> > spent
> > for Groofest or some gathering events.  It might
> be
> > simple, but entertaining.  What do you say Mark?


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