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Fan Pic III

Hi Folks! 
So I'm finally getting around to voting for Fan Pic III and I review all the art and JEEZ!  Make it tough on me guys!  You are all too darned good.  How do I choose? Hmm.  Most have funny jokes or concepts in addition to looking great, so I'll pick from those.  Hmmm.  That doesn't eliminate very many.  OK, Bubble still has 3 left, so which is the best, Groo as Homer, Groo-ized Pokeman, or Groo-Fest 2000 with everyone having a Groo nose?  Well, call me biased, but I give the nod to the Groo Fest 2000.  It's those Groo noses and all the Groop Folks!   OK, who does that leave? Too many to chose from!!   Argghh!  This is awful!  Hmm. Gnash. Rumble. Burp. Bzzfftt. [sounds of Gary G. thinking]  OK, here are my votes:
First: Bubble for Cartoon #4.  (and maybe some pychological credit on my part for #1-3)
Second:  Nate.  I just love the joke!!  The next panel would no doubt be Groo slashing the screen in an attempt to join the fray. 
Third:  Lucky Cat.  Love the concept and the art is very Sergio.  Plus I had to vote for one that didn't have a representation of Nate in it.  
I was going to vote privately to Eric, but this gave me another chance to say how great ALL of the entries are.  Someday, I'll show you one of my stick figure and really make you all feel good about your drawing abilities.
Take care all -Gary G.
PS  Hey Bubble, in what medium is your third entry? 
PPS  TGD, I'm only going to send you this once.