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Re: Fan Pic III

Thanks to everyone who has voted for me so far.
Just so I don't forget. (Like I could. Thanks again.)

Lucky Cat wrote:
> How long did it take the other groopers to draw their pictures?
Oh it depends on which pic we're talking about. 
The painted one took a while, as I had to first pencil it, then roughly
paint over it, then let it dry, then paint on it again, then fix it up a
little. (And I had to mix paints and stuff.)
The groop pic took the second longest. About two days, 4 hours a day. 
The others actually vary on the amount of time it took me to ink. I draw
very rough pencils, and inking my own work can be such a pain. Good thing
nobody actually sees the original pencils. =)

-I figure, my multiple entries are hurting me more than helping me, but I
sure had a blast!