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You must be unenlightened cretins

Maaaaaaan.... that was spooky.   I got Nate's response to Gabe's post BEFORE 
I got Gabe's post.  Wooo-EEEEEEE-aaaa-wooooo.  ONE of you is a time traveler. 
 'Fess up, which  one is it?  You can't screw with MY continuum and get away 
with it!

I don't know how long it took me to draw my Groo picture.  I haven't done it 
yet.  After I sent this message the owner of the time machine secretly 
confessed to me, and, not wanting get in trouble with the time police (who, 
for quantum reasons, are all Bob Sagett), lent me the use of it.  I've been 
really busy lately (relative term), so I didn't have time to draw a Groo 
picture.  I simply went into the future and told my future self to draw it 
when he (I?  You?) had a moment.  Then I sent the pic back to myself 
(hisself?  Bob Sagett?) in time to make Eric's deadline.  Then I wrote this 
paragraph. Simple as that.


PS:  Actually, it's not that simple.  When my past self (Oh, this is my 
future self speaking, relative to the time you all will receive this email) 
asked me to draw Groo, I was at a slump in my life.  I had dropped out of 
college, I was living in Dallas, and my feet stank.  This assignment gave me 
purpose.  I enrolled in Dallas Art School and graduated Summa Cum Loudy in 
2012.  I slaved night and day, for months, rending my soul to draw that Groo. 
 You will note his head is over-sized and his fist too small;  this 
symbolizes his growing dependence on wit over might.  I presented "Groo:  You 
take me for the Fool I am" to the critics of the "future", and received 
international acclaim.  I own every award in the art field, and some which 
are not.  I created a lasting world peace, and ended hunger and poverty.  
Then, to reward my past self for giving me purpose in life, I presented him 
with "Groo: ... the Fool ...".  Then I intercepted this email and appended 
this paragraph.

That's why I can't understand why more of you didn't vote for it.  You must 
be unenlightened cretins.

PPS:  Due to a time-line error, this message was inadvertently sent to one 
"Larry Stellar, aka Mario" 27,000 times.  In order that he not receive any 
information pertaining to his own future, he will be visited by 64 versions 
of Bob Sagett.  None of them are funny.