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Re: GrooFest

>Bob Sagett:  Center of the Universe?  Does that mean the Olsen twins are his 
>(gulp) minions?  It would explain a lot.  And are there 64 versions of Full 
>House and AFHM throughout the space time continum?
>Gabe the quantum wanderer

~~~ I'm sorry you had to find out this way Gabe.  Perhaps TGD shouldn't
have said anything, or perhaps it was fate, or perhaps it was Bob Sagett.
I remember when I found out.... I was sitting watching Full House, making a
list of  ways to torture the Olson Twins... when suddenly, there was TGD,
in my living room.  (He's a time traveller you know).  And he said unto me:
 "Hey, you got any good Chinese restaurants around here?"  And that's when
it hit me....

I would starve the Olsen twins near to death and then feed them only
stir-fried pieces of each other.

(sniff) hold me.

~Nate (Am I still invited to GrooFest?)
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