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Re: Groo anyone?

> Has anyone read any of those comics called "Groo the Wander" by Sergie
> Argonez?  I have a few in my closet, but it doesn't look like anyone
> else has heard of it....

I don't know.
I wonder myself if I'm in the right place too.
All I keep reading about are squirrels, bob sagett, whoever erin is, mulch
launchers, time conundrums, some festival, portugese...weird list, this.
The reason why I'm here is because I was looking for some comics in the
local shop's Php 20 (about 50 cents) bins and bought a few comics called
"Grothe Wonder" by Mike Ebanee. No one I've asked has heard of it either.
But the webpage I found the subscribe instructions for this list seem to be
related to the comic I bought.
I think the comic's about a dog or something.