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Re: Name tags?

In a message dated 10/14/99 10:50:27 AM, dweezil33@hotmail.com writes:

>Speaking of tags, do you think we should tag all of our off topic posts
>this group [OT] in the subject line so people who don't wanna read silliness
>(I'm sure ME doesn't need it) can ignore the crazy/silly/cool posts?  I
>some people do, but its not common practice.  Maybe encourage it, Nate
>put it in the Groop FAQ?  Just a thought.

I vote no, let's keep this forum freeform without a whole lotta restrictive 

(Uh-oh, Larry's about to get serious and philosophical, better run while you 

This list is very much a reflection of the kinds of discussions Mark prints 
in the Groo letter column; very little of it has anything to do with what 
actually happened in a given issue of Groo (Niagara Falls!), but is rather a 
forum for people to have fun and to (hopefully) be clever; if we can do that 
PLUS discuss the latest issue, then that's just great! 

Every once in a while someone complains about off-topic postings, but if all 
we ALLOWED was discussions of how much we enjoyed the latest infrequent issue 
of Groo, especially page 12 panel 3, well, this list would probably peter out 
due to lack of on-topic posts, because there's only so much to say beyond "I 
loved it" or "I didn't." 

We don't tend to say much beyond that because we try not to post spoilers, 
since many Groopers don't GET the latest issue for days, weeks or months 
after it is first released in The States. 

In fact, ReallyBigChin tried to get something going with his "If Groo Was A?" 
shtick, and very few people responded. Those who did were very clever and 
funny, as usual! Hey, it got us thinking analytically about our favorite 
character, trying to shoehorn him into various new jokes.  I DON'T consider 
this off-topic at all!

Ya know what? The only reason I bought my new modem and signed on with AOL at 
all is because I missed the Groo List and all the craziness it entails, both 
on and off topic. I don't subscribe to any other list, and don't really get to
 spend much time online except to read my mail because of my work schedule. 

Anyway, enough seriousness! 

-Larry S.