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[OT] OT tags :)

Ruben Arellano wrote:

> And that's all I have to say (in public) about that,
> Ruben.
> PS: I realize that maybe I'm not speaking for anyone else, but I hope I
> am! :-}}

You are, Ruben. The reason I think this keeps coming up from time to
time is that it IS a reasonable point. How's this though: everybody just
try to remember to put an OT tag if you're off-topic. If you don't, no
biggie...you'll be boiled in cheesedip, etc., but that's nothing new in
the Groop. :) By NO means do I think Ruben or anyone else would want to
quash off-topic talk entirely...it's just too much fun!! :) Even our
resident devil-worshipping, chaos causing, nude dancing demon squirrel
throws an "off-topic" tag on some of his posts. :)

And if it's a "What if Groo were a..."  then that's COMPLETELY on topic.
Doesn't just have to be about the actual issues of Groo -- we can talk
about other Groo issues as well! ;) Just my 5 kopins.