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re: name tags

Gabriel Owens wrote: 

  >I think you misconstrued my meaning.  I never meant
to imply we should get 
  >rid of or even tone down OT or silliness, its my
favorite part of the groop 
  >along with up to the minute posts from ME himself.
I just thought when a 
  >thread goes off topic or starts off topic we should
put a label on it as 
  >such (an example [OT]:  Cyber Erin lives!  And
she/he's hungry for squirrel 
  >blood!) for the people on the groop who don't want
to read that kind of 
  >stuff.  This is not really restrictive, just a
small curtesy.  Please 
  >continue the silliness and inside jokes.

For me, it's off topic when the posting is not about
Groo or any Groop members or activity.  The "cyber
Erin" Squirrel"   is still
on topic,  not off topic.  I felt that off topic
posting is OK as long as it doesn't offend anybody
else in the list.  The off topic
postings might be jokes, info or news that other Groop
members may  intrested with.  And this kind of off
topic postings is
welcome to me. 

Malaysian ambassador to Groop 


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