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I dig chicks named Anna

I really hate to do this, but:

Look, I am usually not one to join a conversation about netiquette.  I thinks 
it pedantic; but in this case I'll make an exception.  

I subscribe to this mailing list for one reason:   Humor.  Granted, I joined 
it beccause I was interested in Groo, but I STAYED because I was (and still 
am) interested in the Groop.  You guys really give me a belly laugh (I've got 
the belly for it) at least once a week.  Sometimes twice, if I'm naughty.  It 
gets me down when the Groop becomes quiet.  And the thing that usually brings 
out the best in a Grooper is a good, long-since-should-have-died running gag. 
 That means someone says something mildly ridiculous (Erin), and someone else 
responds, and someone else responds to that, ad hilarium.  It's a chain 
reaction.  And it only gets bigger and funnier. The longer it goes, the more 
clever and more ridiculous the endless string of one-up-respondances become.  
I, for one, am TOTALLY, ABSOLUTELY, and UNEQUIVOCALLY for off-topic posts.  
If we only did on-topic posts, this list would be DEAD.  I also understand 
that no one is saying there shouldn't be off-topic posts, but that perhaps, 
if we send an off-topic post,  we should mark it as such.  I say, given the 
ratio of off- to on-topic posts on this list, we should mark ON-TOPIC posts 
as such (It just logically makes more sense).   Thus, I submit, the subject 
line for all posts which are ON-topic, must, now and forever, contain the 
characters [OT].

And further, to those who can't tell directly from the subject whether a post 
is on or off topic:  GO SCRATCH.  For an example, check out my subject.  If 
you can't figure out that this post is off-topic, then you truly deserve the 
title of Grooper.  A similar argument goes for replies to off-topic posts.  
If a post named "your boat" is off topic, then clearly so will be "Re:  your 
boat", and "Re:  Re:  your boat", and "Re:  Re:  Re:  your boat".   Get it?  
All right then.


PS: Gabe: Gentlemen do not "curtesy".  Gentlemen bow.