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OT (or not quite so)

I'd say that "off topics" such as groop inside jokes are rather
difficult to dissociate from groo-related topics here in the list. Good
examples of this are Squirrel's unofficial card expansion or the fan pic
subjects (Oskar's, Tenille's, Nate's).
And my reasons to stay in the Groop (even as a lurker) are also humor,
silliness, long running absurd jokes and everything that comes with it.
I take from what has been said so far that most of us enjoy this
distinctiveness in the list. I have a good time reading Groo topics ("if
Groo was a..."), Groop topics ("Zombie Erin ghouls Squirrel meat"), and
OT ("you just happened to catch my eye"). I think we are all  aware we
should not send many OT (non-groo, non-groop) messages, and most people
is being careful to stay on topic anyway.
We cannot be considered or polite to everyone --or we would all submit
Portuguese translations along with the messages for all our vetoed
Portuguese-speaking audience ;0}--, but I agree about tagging strictly
OT messages, which most people do already.
So what I think is: let's stay as we are, tag what we consider is really
off topic and keep add ons short when answering if we may.
PS: Once or twice a week is a poor record for belly-laughing from a
Spanish point of view...