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Re: Name tags?

I'll start with 2 apologies:

I should know better than to get up on a soapbox like that, especially at 
2:00 am with no sleep. Apologies to all!

Also, even though it was an on-topic post, I fully intended to reply to Gary 
privately about Groo Street, and accidentally cc'd it to the Groop. Did I 
err? Sorry! I apologize again!

Now a couple of responses in one post:

In a message dated 10/15/99 3:09:17 AM, dweezil33@hotmail.com writes:

>I think you misconstrued my meaning.  I never meant to imply we should
>get rid of or even tone down OT or silliness?(snip) I just thought when
>a thread goes off topic or starts off topic we should put a label on it as
>such (an example [OT]:  

Sorry, I actually DID realize that you weren't slamming anybody, I just 
didn't want anyone requiring me to label posts as OFF or ON topic, mainly 
because I'm lazy and thickheaded ;0) 

I think as long as the SUBJECT line on a post is accurate, people generally 
get whether or not a topic is relevant. 

Another thing, it seems we have as many interpretations of what is ON or OFF 
topic as we have Groopers! If, as someone said, it is ON topic to talk about 
unirabbits and demon squirrels because we are talking about Groopers, then we 
really don't have any OFF topic posts!  ;0) 

If we define ON topic strictly as any post that includes the words GROO, 
SERGIO or MARK, then I guess we do have a ton of OFF topic posts. Maybe 
anyone who only wants Groo news should just ignore any message not posted by  
Mark, Gary or Ruben unless it has the word GROO in the SUBJECT. Just a 

In a message dated 10/15/99 12:24:19 PM, ruben@oanet.com writes:

>I'm not against OT posts in general, but all I ask is that we consider 
whether the 
>>reply should be private rather than public (I think a few of you will vouch 
that I 
>carryon a lot of private threads when they first started publicly).

Actually, I post about as much privately as I do publicly. If I think my 
reply would be of interest to the Groop or if I believe most people would 
enjoy it (like little digs and one-liners), I post to the Groop. Otherwise, I 
post privately.  

I think the funniest things we post are the riffs on each other's riffs, but 
I know some people don't enjoy them. If individuals don't like OFF topics 
(this is not directed at Ruben, but is just a thought), I guess those people 
should go ahead and delete anything I post, I certainly don't want to annoy 
anyone. (Hmmm, that sounds pretty sarcastic, but I'm being serious!!!)

Take care all!

-Larry S. AKA The Sheik of Entropy