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re Groo Street

schechner & associates wrote: 

  >>Anywho, according to a 1910 postcard on bay, there
is a "Groo Street" 
  >>in Middletown, New York. 

  >Hey gang, I went to Lycos' maps section and typed
in Groo Street in 
  >Middletown, NY, and hey, presto, there it was! Yes
Gary, it does exist. 
  >Now, Larry, are you actually brave enough to go
there and confront what 
  >tragedy may befall you? Good luck!

Maybe the actual name was Groossmann Street and
somebody (maybe Erin) went there and erase the
"ssmann" part of the
street name.  (maybe as a revenge) . 

ps, Hi Gary,  I did receive your e-mail twice  - at
jaring.my and at yahoo.com account.  I'm looking
orward to find the original copy. 


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