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Re: (OT) Re: Groo Street

>Or am I really that dumb! I hate to keep you all waiting, but next weekend I 
>have to take care of my Grandmother (awwwww?), so my Groo Trek 

~~~ GROO TREK? hmmmm.....

"Captain's log, Stardate, 7583.2.  I have once again sent an away team to
the planet Thanos 7.  This will be the 3rd away team in the last 1/2 hour...."

"Captain, the away team is requesting permission to beam up."



"Ensign Groo?! Again, you are the only away team member to return from the
planet!  Where is my First Officer?  Where is Commander Smith?"

"They called Groo a name!  They called me, "red-shirt". 

~Join us next week when 8 more away teams are mercilessly slaughtered, on

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