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Re: [OT] OT

Gabe wrote:

>Don't forget to label posts OT for "Over the Top" like when Gary goes crazy
>or Nate makes some overly sly innuendoes...

"When Gary goes crazy"?  "Over the top"? Moi?  What on earth on you talking
about? Why I haven't done anything looney in at least .........

Oh, excuse me a moment.

Hi Hon, I'm glad you're finally home.  What did you think about my idea of
moving to Middletown, New York?

Oh, I don't know, it just sounded so nice, like some thing out of a 1950's
sit-com.  I mean think about it.  "Middletown".  Just the name relieves
stress.  And I could, um, tele-commute.  Yeah, I'm sure it could be
arranged.  And we'd be away from our strange relatives and think of all the
fun things we could do in New York City.  I even have an idea where we might
want to live in Middletown.  Look, I have this postcard.  That's what gave
me the idea.  See what a lovely place it is?

Well, yeah, the picture is from 1910.  But I'm sure it hasn't changed much
in 90 years.

What do you mean "Ah-HA!!!"  "Groo Street"?  Does it really say that? Umm...
I hadn't noticed.  Well. OK, I did, but that wasn't the real reason I wanted
to move there.  Really!  Well. OK, it was, but it's still a good idea.
Really it is.  Hey!  Where are you going?.....It makes me really nervous
when she runs off like that to the other end of the house.   Let's see, call
to realtor in Middletown.  Check.  Call to realtor in Olympia. Check.  Call
movers for estimate.  Check.  I wonder what I should insure my Groo
collection for when we move it?  Hmmm.  No I better move it myself.....