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OT Excellent read

This is off topic, but it's simply a wonderful essay on the art, methods
and history of "The comic book cover"  ... it asks the question "Do we even
need covers anymore?"  If you have a minute go read this.  Every comic fan
will find tihs interesting (especially you artists out there -- take it
from me, this is helpful for next time you sit down and wonder ehat the
hell you're going to put on the cover...)

For instance, did you know... legend has it that DC in the 60s determined
comics sold better if they had gorillas, babies or giant feet on them? 

Go to http://www.comicbookresources.com  and click on today's issue (10/20)
of MASTER OF THE OBVIOUS by Steve Grant.

~Nate~ Good god, I used the "OT"...
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