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Re: OT Excellent read

	It's an interesting article, to be sure.  It sheds light on a lot of
the covers I've remarked over the years -- both good and bad.  
	However, one of the things I don't completely agree with is his
assertion that the reason 10 cent bins of coverless comics are hard to
find is that they are all snatched up by 'real' fans who are interested
in the stories, rather than the covers.  He is neglecting the fact that
the majority of coverless 10 cent comics, at least what I've seen, are
pre-modern age, and usually pre-silver age, and thus the total available
stock is dwindling.  Combine that with their attractive price, and any
issue is a cheap, and perhaps even good, read of an issue you may not
have paid intact price for.  People are willing to buy these issues
because they won't afford the 'intact' ones, and there are even
collectors who buy multiple 'poor' issues in an attempt to compile one
high-grade issue.  The with-cover 25 cent bins, however, are full of
modern age, or unpopular silver age, titles.  
	I would sure rather have the intact issue of House of Horrors with a
neat Bernie Wrightson cover, but for 10 cents, I'll take the one without
the cover (especially since the cover isn't by Sergio).  BUT if new
issues of Groo came without covers, I'd certainly be disappointed --
Sergio's covers are great, and they don't lead to dissapointing stories
or interior art.  While the coverless 10 cent comics may be bought by
'true' fans, they're likely spending a lot more money on their favorite
issues with intact covers (it takes a lot of 10 cent coverless comics to
outweigh that one $25.00 (or even 5 buck) issue you bought -- 250 in

it may be somewhat OT, but at least it's about comics.

Nate wrote:

> Go to http://www.comicbookresources.com  and click on today's issue (10/20)
> of MASTER OF THE OBVIOUS by Steve Grant.