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Re: OT Excellent read (but Larry says this is ON-topic)

In a message dated 10/20/99 2:58:45 PM, nate@piekosarts.com writes:

>This is off topic, but it's simply a wonderful essay on the art, methods
>and history of "The comic book cover"  ... 

Ummm, Nate? I hate to bother you with such trivial matters but, well, 
discussions of comic book cover art is most certainly NOT off-topic!!! It's 
TOPIC, dude! 


I agree, this is a fascinating article. One point is well-taken; his 
discussion of a recent Wonder Woman cover states that, while the art is 
stunning, it doesn't COMMUNICATE anything about the issue or do anything to 
SELL the book other than be an example of good pinup art. Although it's a 
good-looking cover, it places 100% emphasis on the graphic element without 
ever touching on effective storytelling, characterization, plot or drama. 

I know, some issues of Groo are more poster than promo, but these have more 
of a sense of drama to them, or strive to capture a facet of Groo's 
personality. It doesn't have to relate to the content in a direct manner 
(i.e., illustrate the plot), but it still has to communicate SOMETHING. The 
WW pinup in question could have worked with absolutely ANY female superhero. 

>For instance, did you know... legend has it that DC in the 60s determined
>comics sold better if they had gorillas, babies or giant feet on them?

Rumor has it that the cover of the next Groo series depicts Groo's giant feet 
kicking a gorilla that's holding a baby. Or was that a baby holding a 
gorilla? Or did I dream it? That's the last mail-order Grooburger I eat 
before bedtime!

Larry S. AKA The Sheik Of Entropy

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>of MASTER OF THE OBVIOUS by Steve Grant.