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Comic book covers

Somebody said (probably Nate):

> >This is off topic, but it's simply a wonderful essay on the art,  
methods> >and history of "The comic book cover"  ... 

and somebody else replied:
> I agree, this is a fascinating article. One point is well-taken; his 
> discussion of a recent Wonder Woman cover states that, while the art is 
> stunning, it doesn't COMMUNICATE anything about the issue or do 
> anything to SELL the book other than be an example of good pinup art. 
> Although it's a good-looking cover, it places 100% emphasis on the 
> graphic element without ever touching on effective storytelling, 
> characterization, plot or drama. 

One of the reasons I loved the covers for "Fanboy" was that they served a 
dual role - they acted as a parody of the original covers, they served as 
a teaser for the story inside and they previewed the input of the guest 
artist.... er they served a triple role - they acted as a ... (no-one 
expects the Spanish Inquisition ;-)

David Brain
London, UK
(not lurking, but drowning...)