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[Jayde News] Show Me Your Banner 7 Times

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                        October 21, 1999
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2.) Show Me Your Banner 7 Times,
    by Roger Remacle of Submit Plus
In banner advertising, "click-throughs" seem to be the word of the 
day! Click-throughs represent the number of times someone will click 
on your banner and be redirected to your web site. Of course click-
throughs are important, but viewers will not necessarily click on 
your banner the first time they see it! 

There are two kinds of banners. First you have a high impact banner 
like "Get 15,000 Hits a Day... FREE!"  This kind of banner will get 
someone?s attention immediately and generate a fair number of click-
throughs. The problem is not everyone can offer something for free.

Our second kind of banner is selling a product for a price! "Rogers 
quality software from $ 19.95" This banner will take more exposures 
to generate click-throughs. As a matter of fact, your viewer may have 
to see it up to seven times before they decide to click on it?...

These statistics come from a concept called "space repetition" and 
date back to newspaper advertising when clicking on an ad only 
created a hole in your newspaper... 

Here is how it works:

- The first time someone sees your ad (banner), they 
  will forget about it within 15 seconds!
- The second time they see it, they will remember it for... yes, 
  15 seconds! 
- The third time your odds are increased to 1 hour!
- The fourth time you?re still only memorable for one hour!
- The fifth and sixth time you become memorable for 24 hours!
- And finally by the seventh time they see your advert or banner, 
  they consider you a reputable and established company and will pay 
  you a visit!

The advantage to this slower "space repetition" concept is that you 
will already have gained some customer trust by the time they reach 
your web site.

Gaining that trust is what turns viewers into clients. Again, 
statistically, the likelihood of someone purchasing goods from 
your web site on a first click-through is highly unlikely but
because of repeated banner exposures, you already have made some 
headway in gaining that trust.

Don?t ask me about the psychology of this phenomenon but instead 
think about your own viewing or purchasing habits and I bet you 
they will match the above example!

Obviously your high impact banner will generate better click-throughs, 
the most attention grabbing words are still FREE!, Free Samples, Free 
Download etc..but be warned, Do Not mislead your viewer into believing 
they will receive something for Free, only to find out that you meant

The other important consideration is banner design. You need a 
clear message (make sure you pick your font carefully), good color 
coordination (up-beat color combinations are eye catching) and keep 
the size of your banner under 7000 bytes for static banners and 
10,000 bytes for animated.

Is banner advertising expensive? No, joining a banner exchange network 
is totally free. Two of the best are Click Taxi http://clicktaxi.com/ 
and Link Exchange http://linkexchange.com. Both companies offer free 
banner design assistance, banner statistics and  web tools. 

So, will you benefit from banner advertising? Yes, of course you will, 
it is the second most important promotion you can do for your web site 
beside submitting to the search engines!


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Article written by Roger Remacle ( roger@submitplus.bc.ca) of Submit 
Plus! (http://submitplus.bc.ca/jayde/) Roger is in charge of operations 
at Submit Plus and has an extensive background in web site marketing, 
web site design, HTML and Perl. Submit Plus! is based in Victoria, BC. 
Canada. admin@submitplus.bc.ca


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