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vote: yes or no

Vote Yes or No for  Unsolicted email

The hottest issue on the Internet is unsolicted e-mail, affectionately referred to as SPAM.  I've heard it said that stopping spam would be an infringement on one's right to free speech as well as freedom of the press.  People on the other side say that unsolicited email is an invasion of privacy and should be illegal as technically they are paying the cost to get it (via ISP hourly charges) every time they log into their email.

Which side are you on???

Most of you are aware of the battle in the courts involving this issue.  It is my intention for this survey to have an impact on those decisions.  The results of this survey will be published in four national publications and submitted to the commercial servers like AOL and CompuServe.

By taking part in this survey, you would be helping to decide what outcome the law will have on this issue and help to offset the cost of publishing these results.  

To register your complaint, a small charge of £4 will be required for administration costs and forwarding costs.  Click below for secure order page payment and reply.  
Please put  YES or NO
in your email subject box.  
if you don't wish to take part and you want nothing to do with this return mail with "remove" 
in subject box thanks.