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We Need Homewreckers!

Dear Future Associate,

You Can Work At Other's Homes & Set Your Own Hours.  
Start earning Big Money in a short time
                                    NO Newspaper Advertising!

Your job will be to sleep with married men for our company. You 
will receive $.25 for each and every man you sleep with.

Just follow our simple instructions and you will be making money 
as easy as
1 2 3

For example sleep with 200 men and you will receive 
$50.00. Sleep with 1000 and you will receive $250.00. sleep with
2000 and you will receive $500.00 and more.  If the man divorces his
wife, a $10 bonus will be awarded!

Never before has there been an easier way to make money from 
other people's homes!

Our Company's Home Adultry Program is designed for people with 
little or no experience and provides simple, step by step 

There is no prior experience or special skills necessary on your 
part, Just sleeping with married men.

We need the help of dishonest and reliable home wreckers like you.  
Because we are overloaded with work and have more than our staff 
can handle. We have now expanded our adultry program and are 
expecting to reach millions more with our offers throughout the 
US and Canada.

Our system of sleeping with married men is very simple and 
easy to do!
You will not be required to buy new clothes or fine food.

We will gladly furnish all expenses at no cost to you. We assure 
you that as a participant in our program you will never have to 
sleep with anyone objective or offensive. 

There are no quotas to meet, and there no contracts to sign. You 
can work as much, or as little as you want. Payment for each 
man you sleep with is Guaranteed!

Once you send for our system you will recieve a list of potential clients.

As soon as you are done with sleeping with these first 
clients, your payment will arrive shortly, thereafter. All you 
have to do is to order more client's names and sleep with more 
men to make more money.

You will get your own special code number, so that we will 
know how much you are to get paid.

We are giving you this free bonus because we want you to be 
confident in our company and to ensure that we will be doing 
business with you for a long time.

Benefits Of This Job:

1. You do not have to quit your present job, to earn more money 
at home
2. You can make between $2,500 to $4,500 a month depending on the 
amount of time you are willing to spend ssleeping with married men
3. This is a great opportunity for the students, mothers, or any other
woman in need of money.

To secure your position and to show us that you are serious about 
earning extra income at home we require a one-time registration 
fee of $35.00.

Money Back Guarantee!

We guarantee that as soon as you sleep with your first 300 
clients You will be paid $75.00 and your registration fee will 
be refunded.

Many of you wonder why it is necessary to pay a deposit to get a 
job. It is because we are looking for people that seriously want 
to work from home.  

*  If 3.000 people told us they wanted to start working from home 
and we sent out 3.000 packages free to every one.  And then half 
of the people decided not to work, this would be a potential loss 
of more than $60,000 in supply's and shipping that we have sent 
out to people that don't want to work

We have instituted this policy to make sure that you really want 
to work and at least finish your first package.

To Get Started Today Please Enclose Your Registration Fee of $35
Check, Money Order and fill out the application below and 
mail to:

11054 Ventura Blvd #126 
Studio City, CA 91604



City____________________________________ State______________

Zip Code________________

Telephone Number(s)_________________________________________

E-mail Address______________________________________________

For all orders, please allow seven (7) days for delivery and up 
to 10 days. Money Orders will result in faster shipping of your package.