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Re: vote: yes or no

Was it just a coincedence that this email came right before a spam?

>From: iceberg2000@netscapeonline.co.uk
>To: groo-l@hmc.edu
>Subject: vote: yes or no
>Date: Sun, Oct 24, 1999, 7:41 AM

>Vote Yes or No for  Unsolicted email
>The hottest issue on the Internet is unsolicted e-mail, affectionately 
>referred to as SPAM.  I've heard it said that stopping spam would be an 
>infringement on one's right to free speech as well as freedom of the press. 
> People on the other side say that unsolicited email is an invasion of 
>privacy and should be illegal as technically they are paying the cost to 
>get it (via ISP hourly charges) every time they log into their email.
>Which side are you on???
>Most of you are aware of the battle in the courts involving this issue.  It 
>is my intention for this survey to have an impact on those decisions.  The 
>results of this survey will be published in four national publications and 
>submitted to the commercial servers like AOL and CompuServe.
>By taking part in this survey, you would be helping to decide what outcome 
>the law will have on this issue and help to offset the cost of publishing 
>these results.  
>To register your complaint, a small charge of £4 will be required for 
>administration costs and forwarding costs.  Click below for secure order 
>page payment and reply.  
>Please put  YES or NO
>in your email subject box.  
>       https://www.multicards.com/100910/orderuk.htm
>if you don't wish to take part and you want nothing to do with this return 
>mail with "remove" 
>in subject box thanks.