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That's what I get for Bragging

Hi Folks!
Within a week or so after bragging that nothing Groo could get by me with all my friends and contacts looking for me, I find out that a comic from 1997 called "Chassis" No. 2 from Millineum has a Sergio pin-up with Groo in it!!  It also turns out there are two covers and the coloring is done by our own Tom Luth!  I ended up paying a dumb amount for the "Special Edition" cover version thru Ebay and found the regular cover version for $2.95 when I was in Seattle for a tax thing. 
It's never surprizing when stuff before 1994 or 95 turns up with Groo that I didn't know about.  After all, I've only been completely deranged since then.  But to think that this comic has been floating around for two years without my hearing about it!  Well, it just shakes a Groo-Maniac's confidense! 
Anywho, there are a few more way back Groo sightings to report, but I have to leave the computer.  Also I will shortly send Sergio another note about GrooFest.
Take care all -Gary G.
PS  Things have been a little slow Groo-wise with respect to posts lately.  Maybe we can talk about favorite covers, Pacific versus Marvel versus Image Groo, What are our favorite of Mark's Groo Lines,  or maybe we should just try and take over the world again.  
PPS  Apparently if I'm moving to Groo street, I'm going alone. But give me a little time.....