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Re: new cartoon books

I don't know of any subscription list of that sort.  But a good,
reliable comic shop should do the trick.  If you can't find one in your
neighborhood, some on-line shops offer subscription services....

There is a great bibliography of Sergio's work called "The Unofficial
Sergiography", that can currently be viewed at:

Although that version is over a year and a half out-of-date, there is a
website in the works (opening any day now!), that will be up-to-date and
much more interesting and fun to browse.  Watch this space for more

Hope that helps(?),
aka Scribe of The Unofficial Sergiography.

jim potts wrote:
> Can you help me find out when Sergio Aragones is going to publish a new
> cartoon book.
> I'd like to get on some sort of a subscription list.  I don't want to
> miss any of Sergio's books.  They're great.
> I'd even like to get a list of titles of his past books.  Thank you.
>                     JIMBO