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Re: groo street sign

Hey.... here's an idea:  The Groo Street Sign Web Cam.  Imagine, a
webcam(s?) fixed on one or more of the Groo Street signs around town. 
Anytime -- day or night -- Groopies can log in and see if there's any
neat action taking place -- perhaps a rare pigeon or gull sitting on the
sign, or maybe a drunken teen swinging form it, or maybe even a really
wild parade.  Wow! How exciting that would be.... Anyone willing to do
this? Nate? Ronny? Mark? Sergio? anyone?

Anyone.... anyone....

Gabriel Owens wrote:
> Hey Gary, instead of moving to New York, why not see if you can somehow buy
> (or obtain in some way) the street sign?  Call around and see if you can
> make it happen.  All us Groopers I'm sure would help you in any way we
> could.  Plus I'm sure your wife would be happier with the sign in your home
> rather than moving... : ) Plus it would cement your rep as world's biggest
> Groo fan (that we know of).