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Groo Potpouri

Hi Folks!

Hey!  The Groo Inferno comes out tommorrow!!!!!   Lunch box & Chistmas
Ornament next month!!!!

As many of you surely know or would guess if you thought about it, I asked
Mark a while back if a tape of the five minute "Groo Pilot" could be made
available and he very politely said "Sorry, but I don't think so". So that's

Shane, the only discussion of the "Blair Which?" was that Mark told us it
was coming (I just looked at the message he sent.  It was September 8th).
Also, you can come live in my shed if you need a place to crash.  It has a
roof now, but no door.

I agree with everything Shane said about the Comic Book Greats #3 video and
Mark beat me to the punch on Sergio's five languages.  btw, never buy the
video unless it has the "corrected" sticker on it.  A big batch were made
with the Sergio cover and the Todd MacFarlane tape inside.  The ones with
the "corrected" sticker have Sergio.

As for Groo Street, my plans to move there are temporarily on hold and the
Middletown Public Works Department should be getting back to me by Friday.

Groo Sightings Department:

1.  I have run across a series of old Pacific promo publications (4 pages
each, b & w) called Pacific Premieres, which ebay folks will recognize.
There were 12 and I only have 6, but four of them have Groo drawings I do
not think were published anywhere else.  As best I can figure, Sergio had
quite a few "practice" Groo drawings which he let the Pacific folks (and
others) use to promote the comic in the early days.

1a.  Also, some of you may remember that me and Packrat (Hello Rat, are you
out there?) got into an ebay bidding war over an original piece of Groo art
proporting to be a "proposed" cover to Pacific Groo #5.  It's similar to the
actual cover, but not as detailed and complicated.  When I showed it to
Sergio, he said it wasn't a "proposed" cover-he doesn't "propose" covers-it
was just a drawing to give the publishers an idea of what the cover would be
like.   Well anyway, in one of the Pacific Premieres, they are advertising
Groo #5 showing the art I bought as the cover rather than the actual cover.
Pretty strange.  (also, it counts as a Groo sighting, since it's a different
piece of art that hasn't been published anywhere else)

2.  There is yet another variation on the Famous Comic Book Creator card
with Sergio. (Gak!)  For those of you who remember or care, there is the
regular (yellow-backed) card.  Then there is the made-for-the-creators
(blue-backed) card.  But before those there was the double sample card with
Sergio and George Perez (white-backed) that is slightly different from the
other cards and came out in Previews.  Then it turned out that Sergio had a
pile of these and would cut off George and use them for business cards.
(there is some debate as to whether this should "count" as a separate item.)

Well NOW a variation of the double sample card has shown up.  Instead of
just being a double sample card, there is a whole other side to the left of
Sergio & George with text promoting the cards.  I cannot be certain that
they didn't go into Previews that way and the two I've had were cut off.
But the stack that Sergio had in his studio were just the double card.  I
don't know whether to count it as a separate item or not.

Well, that's it for now.  For those of you who made it this far, I'm sorry
for such a long and dull post, but at least you can't say it was off topic.

Take care all  -Gary G.