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re: Groo sign


Ruben Arellano wrote: 

  <<Hey.... here's an idea:  The Groo Street Sign Web
Cam.  Imagine, a 
  webcam(s?) fixed on one or more of the Groo Street
signs around town. 
  Anytime -- day or night -- Groopies can log in and
see if there's any 
  neat action taking place -- perhaps a rare pigeon or
gull sitting on the 
  sign, or maybe a drunken teen swinging form it, or
maybe even a really 
  wild parade.  Wow! How exciting that would be....
Anyone willing to do 
  this? Nate? Ronny? Mark? Sergio? anyone?

How about each of us go to the sign shop and make a
Groo road sign.  Then everybody will have it. 



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