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Aragones on Parade...

I finally got to read through "MAD's Sergio Aragonés on Parade" -- the
magazine sized collection of 'his best' from MAD.  It has some REALLY
great stuff in it.  But the rest is just plain old great stuff.

In "A MAD Look at Hunting" some (at least) of the gags are reprinted
from a non-English edition of MAD.  On page 121, one of the gags
features some bird watchers with a book that reads "Lintu Opas" and a
bag that says "Lintu Seura".  On the same page, another gag features
some hunting protestors with signs that read "Suojele Luontoa!", "Ala
Tapa Metsan ... Elavaa", "Alatapa Mitaan Elavaa!", and "Ela Ja". (lots
of the A's have .. double dots over them).

Any body know what languages those are?

Investigative time-waster,