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Another Groo Sighting

Hi Folks!

I came across a 1994 Graphitti Design Christmas card done by our favorite
artist!  It's Santa in front of a fireplace holding up two Graphitti Designs
T-shirts, including the "Did I Err?" Groo T-Shirt.  There are also the words
"Shameless plug by struggling artist" and a line pointing to the Groo
t-Shirt.  Santa has the Graphitti Designs logo on his shirt and a classic
Sergio cheesy grin.

Also Ruben wrote regarding the variation on the Sample FCBC card:

> I have a feeling that it originally had the text attached and Sergio
>(or someone else) cut his that way.

Nope!  Close examination shows it's a legitimate variation.  The double card
we knew about has the word "SAMPLE" in transparent gray letters across the
text on the back of the the Sergio & George Perez cards.  There is also a
big gray transparent diamond.  The new double card that is double the size
with all the promo text has the "SAMPLE" in a slightly different place and
no diamond.  My guess is one was made for Previews (Diamond Distributors)
and one was made for Advance Comics (Central City Distributors)  Maybe
Previews only wanted the double card while Advance took the whole thing.
Anywho, they are 2 different cards as far as I'm concerned.

No word yet from Middletown Public Works.

And I agree with the folks who say we shouldn't steal a Groo Street sign.
We should never steal Groo items.  (Uh, oh yeah.  Once I did swipe a menu
from Hamptons because they sell a Groo Burger.  Umm.  But, hey!  I sent Mark
a buck so he could get another one photocopied!!)

Take care all -Gary G.