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Re: The Groo game

thomas roth asked:

> Does anybody know wether it's still possible to get the groo-game somewhere??

I had the same question not long ago, and I collected some hints from the groop:
- thatse@thatse.com - they seemed to have some copies not long ago
- http://gamereport.com/tgr19/groo.html. - this site appeared in a games
Then I had the help of a charming couple of groopers who were still able to find
both the basic game and the extension set.
And it may be a good idea to keep this sites for later to enjoy the game at its
This one is also worth a look. It kind of gives you some ideas on how to expand
the game with more characters when you are playing with your friends...
I would like to thank here all the people whose help, hints and sense of humor
make it more interesting playing with the game, and to all of those who make it
worth a while keeping an eye to the Groop, with especial thanks to the Perreys!