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Re: The Groo game

Hey, I must have missed the first post. I live close to a comic shop that had a few
games left recently, they also had expansion sets. I am going there this weekend and
will check for you.

"Daniel Cortés" wrote:

> thomas roth asked:
> > Does anybody know wether it's still possible to get the groo-game somewhere??
> I had the same question not long ago, and I collected some hints from the groop:
> - thatse@thatse.com - they seemed to have some copies not long ago
> - http://gamereport.com/tgr19/groo.html. - this site appeared in a games
> publication
> Then I had the help of a charming couple of groopers who were still able to find
> both the basic game and the extension set.
> And it may be a good idea to keep this sites for later to enjoy the game at its
> full:
> http://www.io.com/~sos/bc/groo.html
> http://www.gg.caltech.edu?~jeff/games/groo.html
> This one is also worth a look. It kind of gives you some ideas on how to expand
> the game with more characters when you are playing with your friends...
> http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Nebula/3308/GROOP.htm
> I would like to thank here all the people whose help, hints and sense of humor
> make it more interesting playing with the game, and to all of those who make it
> worth a while keeping an eye to the Groop, with especial thanks to the Perreys!
> Dani.

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