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Re: Aragones on Parade... (language)

Ruben Arellano wrote:

> > In "A MAD Look at Hunting" some (at least) of the gags are reprinted
> > from a non-English edition of MAD.  On page 121, one of the gags
> > features some bird watchers with a book that reads "Lintu Opas" and a
> > bag that says "Lintu Seura".  On the same page, another gag features
> > some hunting protestors with signs that read "Suojele Luontoa!", "Ala
> > Tapa Metsan ... Elavaa", "Alatapa Mitaan Elavaa!", and "Ela Ja". (lots
> > of the A's have .. double dots over them).
> >
> > Any body know what languages those are?
> >
> > Investigative time-waster,
> > Ruben.

Just one language, Ruben: Finnish.

Procrastinative time-meanderer,