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Re: Another Groo Sighting

At 06:34 PM 10/28/1999 -0700, you wrote:
>I agree with Chris!  I want to freeze-dry Eric for 10 years so he can marry
>my daughter!  -Gary G.

~~~ You mean, you don't want *me* to marry your daughter?  What, I'm not
good enough for your kind, Grossmann?  Is that it?   "Oh, not Nate, he's a
weirdo..... just think of the genes THAT guy would introduce to the
Grossmann pool!"  I mean, sure, I've never met your daughter.... but that's
not the point!!!  I'll remember this Gary.....

Speaking of which, I'm getting married tomorrow.  So after today, I'll be
away from the computer  until Tuesday night.  

~Nate "Never a Grossmann" Piekos~ Was I supposed to lable this "OT"?
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