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Best of wishes to Chett & Nate Glorko "Sparky" Urine
Toast Jr Piekos (tell me if I forgot something).
Especially Chett, since waking up next to Nate for
the next 50 plus years would scare me too...  heck,
just waking up for the next 50 plus years would scare
me... especially if I'm in the middle of that dream
with Cammy White and...  umm... I mean best of wishes
to Chett & Nate...

Regarding Incest, I dont know if there's a Grooism here
somewhere, but today, we started reading Oedipus Rex in
Literature Class...

Speaking of Grooism, did anyone notice how there are all
these posts "re: Groo Sighting" regarding Nates wedding
and Incest??  Didn't we just have that whole thing about
Off Topic/On Topic/Odd Topic/Other-worldly Topic...

Anyone ever wonder who the WORST people to do Groo as
an Cartoon/Live action movie??

Mark, can I have a copy of the audio parts recorded for

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