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Li'l Glorko's Wedding

Hi Folks!

Congrats to Nate, Sympathies to Chet.  Ruben is still married, so Groop
members getting married and actually foolish enough to tell the likes of us
about it does not seem to bring about a Groo-ish result.  And if my wife can
put up with me for 23 years, well, anything is possible, even when we're
talking about Chris's and my little"indiscretion".  And just to clarify
things here.  The fact that Chris is in reality King Glorko, does not make
me a queen.  Things are just real different on Zoltron and it's just too
complicated to explain.  Plus we have Erin's running around everywhere,
which only complicates things further!   By the way, rumors that Kevin is
also from Zoltron are true.  This explains a lot.

OK, let's see.  For some reason, my local store did not get the Groo Inferno
this week.  Has it showed up anywhere else?  Also, for those keeping score,
Groo is not in the San Diego Comic Con program for 1995, 1996, 1997, or
1998.  In fact, other than a small contribution to a one-page multi-artist
drawing in the 1995 program, there is no Sergio art at all in these four
programs.  (However, Stan is in them)

Take care all -Gary G

PS  I wonder if Nate & Chet will be honeymooning at Niagar... well, you know

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Date: Friday, October 29, 1999 3:23 PM
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>>Speaking of which, I'm getting married tomorrow.  So after today, I'll be
>>away from the computer  until Tuesday night.
>I've been gone all day, so you're probably at the rehearsal dinner by now,
>but all the best to you and Chett. I hope you have many many years of joy.
>Oh geez, if I'm father of the groom, do I have to pay for the rehearsal
>dinner??? Hey, Gary, halfsies?
>Chris (Glorko [KING Glorko to you!])