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Re: Groo: "The Wedding"

My Goodness, we have talented people in the Groop!!!  Fantastic job,
nn!   -Gary G.

PS  Nothing to do with Groopies lives (real or imagined) is off-topic.

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From: Finn Smith <mulch3@hotmail.com>
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Date: Friday, October 29, 1999 6:53 PM
Subject: Groo: "The Wedding"

>The Wedding
>Nate is getting married and it's time for all to sing-
>His wife and he together and the joy that will bring
>The guests will all be merry and dance and drink and eat-
>Their family well-dressed, every person clean and neat
>Decorations, glass, and china, caterer's delight-
>Flowers of every color, everything is right
>Beautiful music, lots of white, an atmosphere most gay-
>A limousine with driver will complete this perfect day
>But the most important thing, (more important than "I do")
>Is that their wedding invitation is not received by Groo.
>Congratulations Nate, and best wishes.
>(For those of you who must know, this post may be categorized as "Mostly
>Topic in an On Topic sort of way . . ."
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