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OT (yeah, like that says anything!) :)

At Thanksgiving time that could mean overdone turkey. :) Anyway, I have
a special favor to ask of ANY Groopers in the SoCal area. Apparently
there was a Marvel restaurant down there that closed about a month ago.
I've been told on the Daredevil list that there was a VERY cool
Daredevil swinging over one of the booths. If ANYONE has ANY ideas of
how I could contact the proper division of Marvel/Toybiz, I REALLY
REALLY (did I say REALLY yet?) want to see if there's any way to
purchase that prop.

I know this isn't Groo, and I *do* love Groo as most of you know, but I
also border on Gary's level when it comes to Daredevil. So, PLEASE,
anyone who can give me any pointers or stop by the site and see if there
are any contact numbers or...anything. Thanks.