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Re: Zoltronian myths

Gary Grossmann wrote:

> things here.  The fact that Chris is in reality King Glorko, does not make
> me a queen.  Things are just real different on Zoltron and it's just too

Notice he didn't say he ISN'T the queen, just that Glorko being King
doesn't make him queen. When he's Erin he actually is queen, but when
he's not, he's just the great Dessesbo of Zoltron (a highly covetted

> complicated to explain.  Plus we have Erin's running around everywhere,
> which only complicates things further!   By the way, rumors that Kevin is
> also from Zoltron are true.  This explains a lot.

The reports that I'm from Zoltron are *highly* exaggerated at best.

(psst...your most majestic Erinness, are you nuts??! you tell them I'm
from Zoltron, and they *know* I'm not a member of the Royal family...how
long do you think it'll take them to figure out I was the court
jester??! I mean only a fool wouldn't be able to figure... oh... heheh,

Kevin "who's not really from Zoltron as any & all fools would plainly