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Re: the big day (OT!)

Well, I'm not married. I know this probably comes as a shock to those of
you who are just figuring out that I'm not and still have Li'l Glorko...
and what that makes him! We've always been straightforward about the fact
that he's my love child. But it's not really as easy as that. You see, on
the planet of Zoltron, children arrive a bit differently than here on
Earth. None of that tedious mucking about with sex. It's more intellectual
than that. (You don't think I'd want to have sex with Gary, do you?!? Have
you SEEN him?) Uh, don't read that, Gary! Anyway,  I'm not married,
although I have Nate Sparky Li'l Glorko Urinetoast Newlywed Piekos and two
earthling offspring as well as two earthing grandchildren, so I still kinda
blow it for the old folks home reputation. Oh well.

Glorko from the planet Zoltron
(AKA Bonzo, the Wonder Dog)

 >Sigh.  Another grooper married.  Any single ones left?  We're turning into
>an old folks home.
>ps:  My one year anniversary is tomorrow.  Nate's is one year from today.
>pps:  Glorko Royal family must be proud (sniff)