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Sword rigging....

While trying to figure out how to rig up the swords and rope for my Groo
costume, I discovered that Sergio has drawn Groo with 2 or 3 different
'configurations' of rope rigging.  For example, compare Groo cards #77
(same as the Groo statue), #107, and #152.

#77 shows the rope being one long length, and the looped end secures the
tips of the scabbards (sheaths).

#107 seems to show two lengths of rope, with one rope securing the tip
and 'butt' of the same scabbard.  (although I see how this might
actually be the same as #77)

And #152 (clearly different than #77) shows two lengths of rope, with
one rope securing both tips and the other securing both butts.

For simplicity (and since I had already cut two lengths), I used the
apparent method in card #107.

In looking through the cards, I also noticed that Groo is lacking his
pouch and netsuke (skull) in many of the scenes.....

Beleive it.... or not!