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Missed Opportunity

Hi Everybody!


[Notice my use of etiquette..one is never supposed to "congratulate" the 
bride.  It's improper. Ask Emily Post.]

I just wanted to relate the true story of the first RECURSIVE grooism (a 
groo-related grooism):

So.. My mother, brother, and I were all up in Connecticut visiting my Nona 
this weekend.  My grandmother has a large front yard which needed raking, a 
chore which my mother merrily volunteered my brother and myself for.  Anyway, 
as we were getting started, my grandmother comes running out of the house all 
a-fluster shouting "Wait!  Wait!  You see that stuff under the bushes which 
looks like mulch?  Don't rake it, it's mulch."  Satisfied with our 
reassurances that we'd let sleeping mulch lie, she returned to the house.  
Immediately following which my brother asks me:  "What's mulch?"

[Oh, boy!]

To which I answered:

<Fanfare and drumrolllllllllllllllll>

"Mulch is compost." 


The golden opportunity of a lifetime and I blew it!  How many times does a 
Grooper get asked that?  Never!  I've been waiting 10 years to use that 


PS: *sigh*

PPS:  Raking is a lot harder work than this cityboy would have imagined.  
Well, it's not so much the raking as the toting of heavy wet leaves up the 
hill to the woods....

PPPS:  My back still hurts.