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Re: A Grooful Hallowe'en (one cold costume)

Send scans when you get the chance.  We gotta see this!!!

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From: Ruben Arellano <ruben@oanet.com>
To: The Groop <Groop@Groo.com>
Date: Monday, November 01, 1999 11:17 AM
Subject: A Grooful Hallowe'en (one cold costume)

>Well, my Groo costume was a big hit.  
>My mother-in-law made me a padded, orange tunic and matching headband
>(rambow).  I got a wig from my friend.  I made a black 'pirate-sized'
>belt,a and bought some plastic katana (no wakizashi), and painted them
>with matching gold paint from the belt buckle.  My wife made me a
>leather pouch.  I got a skull with no jaw for a netsuke.  I rigged up
>the swords with brown hemp rope.  And yes, I had a blue, betamax
>cassette on my chest to hold the rigging!  I wore a flesh-colored long
>sleeve shirt and padded the arms.  I found some roman bracers that I
>painted red.  Oh, and as for the nose, I managed to find an excellent
>gourd-shaped nose (though not large enough) that came as a 'groucho'
>style glasses&moustache set -- I removed the nose and glued it on my
>Just a word of warning, though.  A Groo costume with naked legs can be
>pretty freakin' cold on Hallowe'en!  (survived an hour and a half in a
>humid 10 degrees celcius night)
>When the photos get printed, I'll post them some where for all to see.
>Eventhough I was just 'escorting' my little brother and his friend
>around our neighborhood for tricks'n'treats, lots of people *insisted*
>that I take some candy for my great costume.
>A sampling of some comments I got from people I met in the streets:
>"Nice legs!"
>"Aren't you cold, dear?"
>"It's bad enough that his wife has to follow him around, but with *that*
>costume on...."
>"Who *are* you?" ("I am Groo the Wanderer -- do not take me for the fool
>I am!")
>"Cold enough for ya'?"
>I'm already working on improvements for taking the costume to Groofest
>2000 (and the SDCC costume ball).... beware!
>Being Groo is fun,
>(PS: all I was missing was my tanto knife, but I couldn't find one in