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Re: I return!

At 10:11 AM 11/03/1999 -0600, you wrote:
>Um, do you think maybe you should give a little time to Chett?!?
>>I'm baaaaaack!  And I am indeed, married.  Now I have the rest of the week
>>off to do nothing but work on my comics! Yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!

~~~ Who?  Chett?  OH!  Chett, right my new wife.  Gotcha.  Well, she's
working the rest of the week, so my days are free.   BTW, I'll have an
online wedding album very soon.  (I know, it's corny.... but) It will
include "ahem" the festivities from my bachelor party.... I think Groo was
there.... it's hard to tell, everything happened so fast.

Nate "I ended up in a turbin that night" Piekos
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