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Re: Huzzah & Lunch Box

Wow!   Way to go Finn!  You had quite a day indeed.  But first, let me just
say that I hope you are the ONLY individual who refers to your roommate as
"wife".  If some individuals refer to her as "wife", well, you've got a big
problem!  (btw, I read my wife the Pipal Khan stories and she almost falls
out of the bed!)

The Groo Dynasty was the hardest one for me to find as well.  For those of
you who don't know, the "Know o prince.." intro on the cover of the Groo
Dynasty is a take off of L. Sprague deCamp's intro to the Conan stories he
compiled and edited in cooperation with Robert E. Howard's estate.  I was
surprised when Mark told me that he didn't write it!  It was written by some
guy at marvel!  It's still funny.  And of course, the Comic Reader #210
cover from April of 1983 is a must for the hard core Groo fanatic!!!!

I am torqued off about the lunch box!  I'm only 120 miles from the friggin'
store.  How come I haven't gotten mine yet?  Probably my mail carrier is
using it as a spittoon!  And I STILL say they should have made it in the
shape of Groo's head.  Then they could have put a thermos in Groo's nose!

uh-oh, I'm back to my old habits of multiple posts in one day.  Umm, let's
see.  What else so I don't post again tonight?  Oh, yeah, the Groo Inferno's
are out!!!!   Great cover of course and some original art around the edges
of the credits pages.  In one drawing Groo is fighting off humans while
behind him are animal warriors.  One is a Bat warrior.   I have never seen
Sergio draw a bat warrior before.  Cool.

Anywho, take care everyone -Gary G.

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From: Finn Smith <mulch3@hotmail.com>
To: groop@groo.com <groop@groo.com>; dakarba@hotmail.com
Date: Wednesday, November 03, 1999 7:11 PM
Subject: Huzzah!

>        "Know, o prince, that between the years of the great knockwurst
>famine, and when poodle skirts went out of style, there was an age
>unavoidable.  Hither came Groo, the bumbling, the big-nosed, the mendicant,
>to wander aimlessly, squishing great kingdoms to rubble as cheese dip
>through his toes."
>                                        -The Groo Dynasty
>Hullo Everyone!
>I have to share my joy and celebrate my new acquisition with my Groo
>For countless years, I have searched (ebay included) for the Groo Dynasty
>trade paperback.  I was unable to find it when it was first released and it
>has eluded me ever since.  Neither Cons nor local shops could give me a
>lead.  All people, including ME, the Groop, and my brothers in Scandinavia
>were unable to aid me in my quest.
>I understand that few have struggled as I have in acquiring this particular
>book but I finally located a mint copy within an ebay lot of assorted Groo
>comics.  (Of course, the Dynasty was carefully hidden within the auction's
>My Groo luck persisted when it took nearly two months (and numerous email
>reminders) for the lot to arrive.  (It seems the seller became suddenly
>consumed with emergencies at work and moving into a new home and my
>became inadvertantly buried in his stuff . . .)
>It arrived today and I am certain the package glowed.  I also received
>the Groo lunchbox and a mint Comic Reader #210 (featuring Groo on the
>that I won in a recent online auction).
>My trade paperback collection is now complete (The Inferno is on it's way)
>and my Groo collection is very close to completion (by my definition, not
>Grossman's, of course)
>Thanks for partaking in my ecstasy.  I'm off to read the Dynasty to that
>beautiful roommate and friend of mine that some individuals refer to as
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