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Re: take me off this thing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uh, Gary, I took him off the list right after we got the message. Sorry.

Glorko (king of Zoltron)

>Dearest Patrick,
>MwooHa-ha-ha-ha!!!!!!!   Get off the list??????  Ha!  You are trapped!
>Trapped I say!  Trapped in a never ending series of dumb jokes, running gas,
>obscure references, pointless posts, and strange beings.  You'll never get
>out!!!  Never NEVER!!!   Zoltron awaits!!!
>(Que the Rod Serling Impersonator)
>Patrick Whittle, known to his friends as KZL3@MARISTB.MARIST.EDU, thought
>his entry onto a simple comic fan e-mail list was innocent enough.  Little
>did he know he would become hopelessley mired; treading tenuously in a
>viscous mass of virtual cheesdip where only those who thrive in mulch can
>truly survive.  For Patrick Whittle's innocuos trip into cyberspace was in
>reality a one-way ticket to one of the darkets corners of...
>The Groo-Light Zone!!!!