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Re: I return!

Gabriel Owens wrote:
> Wow!  Two Sheds actually posting!  Next thing you know, Kim Yeoman,
> Josh Jones and TGD (well, he used to post 20 times a day) will start
> posting again.

Don't know what the world is coming to, all these people from the past
showing up and taking over the list... who do they think they are,

Another thing, did Kim Yeoman ever actually post to the Groop?  As far
as I recall she only ever sent lots of letters to Groo-Grams...

<Denis checks through nearly 20Mb of old Groop mail>

Nope, no Kim Yeoman... Plenty of other names I haven't seen in ages,
but definitely no Kim Yeoman.

> Where did everyone go?

Don't know about the others, but I finished uni and so lost my
web/email access, and then moved into a house that didn't have a phone
line so I couldn't get hooked up there, but now I'm in a real house
with a phone and all, so I'm back...

Denis Hackney - http://www.mpx.com.au/~dhackney
"Stop trying to go down the giant waterslide 5 inches at a time so you
can enjoy it more and make it last; it's a SLIDE, for fuck's sake..."