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Re: I return!

Would you mind removing the blunt vulgarity from any future posts? I
personally don't appreciate it.

Denis Hackney wrote:

> Gabriel Owens wrote:
> > Wow!  Two Sheds actually posting!  Next thing you know, Kim Yeoman,
> > Josh Jones and TGD (well, he used to post 20 times a day) will start
> > posting again.
> Don't know what the world is coming to, all these people from the past
> showing up and taking over the list... who do they think they are,
> anyway?
> Another thing, did Kim Yeoman ever actually post to the Groop?  As far
> as I recall she only ever sent lots of letters to Groo-Grams...
> <Denis checks through nearly 20Mb of old Groop mail>
> Nope, no Kim Yeoman... Plenty of other names I haven't seen in ages,
> but definitely no Kim Yeoman.
> > Where did everyone go?
> Don't know about the others, but I finished uni and so lost my
> web/email access, and then moved into a house that didn't have a phone
> line so I couldn't get hooked up there, but now I'm in a real house
> with a phone and all, so I'm back...
> Later,
> Denis.
> --
> Denis Hackney - http://www.mpx.com.au/~dhackney
> "Stop trying to go down the giant waterslide 5 inches at a time so you
> can enjoy it more and make it last; it's a SLIDE, for fuck's sake..."

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